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Buying a house is one of the most important steps for your future and possibly one of the largest investments you will ever make. Although home purchase seems very exciting (and it is), it can also be extremely stressful and exhausting. There are so many factors that you should consider in order to buy an ideal home. After all, you are buying your own piece of heaven so it should be perfect! However, you may not be sure what exactly makes a home perfect and that is what a real estate broker can help you with. Purchasing a home is not only about the good appearance of the property; it means so much more. As someone who probably does not have too much experience with house sales and purchases, you will definitely need help! That’s why we are here, to help you get an outstanding house for the most affordable price in the GTA. In this buyer’s guide, you will find the best advice that will ensure you make a great house purchase.


Setting your goals is the starting point for the house hunting. You should know exactly what you want from the very beginning. Perhaps you always knew the kind of house you wanted to buy but in case you didn’t, it’s time to think about it! Although you may not get the identical house that you have imagined, you could look for something similar! If you hire Mark and Jemma you will get immense help from day one. During the very first consultation, Mark and Jemma will help you define and achieve your goals. You could do research of the area where you would like to buy a house; get to know the neighborhood, prices and get a realistic image of the properties you can buy in that region. Mark and Jemma can give you the information you need about the target area, which could make you either change the decision of wanting to buy a house there or it could make you want to purchase a home in that area even more! Do not let yourself be blinded by the beauty of the house. Consider all the factors that make your potential house a good deal; retail and stores nearby, public transport, schools, and other aspects that may affect your day-to-day needs.


If you didn’t hire your real estate broker before setting your goals, the second step is definitely hire a real estate agent in the GTA! It is almost impossible to buy a good house without a real estate broker unless you are one yourself. Buying a house in the GTA is complex; it requires skills, knowledge, and experience that only realtors can offer you. You will have a partner by your side that will do all the hard work for you. All you will have to do is say what you like and what you dislike! Based on your preferences, Mark and Jemma will shorten the list of the houses you would want to buy.


You should pre-qualify for a loan even before you start looking for a house to buy. Namely, you should meet a lender who will assess your finances and credit history. With all the available information, the lender will tell you the size of loan you qualify for. He/she will also tell you if you are eligible for special programs that make house purchase more affordable. With clear information about your finances, you can know approximately the kind of house you can afford. When you share your qualifications with Mark and Jemma, they will show you properties you could potentially buy, without losing time on properties out of your budget. In addition, the sellers of your new home will take you more seriously after making an offer.


An average buyer tours 12 houses during the period of 12 weeks before making the final decision. That being said, you should not rush your selection. Check online listings patiently, analyzing every detail of the home you could potentially buy.  When you visit a home for sale, pay attention to every detail. When all the factors fall into place, you could finally make an offer on the house that you like.


The moment you decide which home you want to buy, it’s time to make a proper offer! With the help of Mark and Jemma, you could make an offer that the seller cannot reject. These attractive offers are usually more convenient for you but they also benefit the seller, that is why he/she will accept it! In addition, Mark and Jemma will negotiate with the seller’s agent and work hard in your benefit. With Mark and Jemma, you will get a great house for a lower price than you ever expected!


After agreeing on all the terms of the purchase, you may be too excited to think about all the paperwork and processes that come at the very end. For that reason, Mark and Jemma will help you. Together, you should get a title search, sign paperwork and pay closing costs. Finally, you can do a final walk-through and will be handed the keys of the property and all the papers confirming that you are the owner of your new, dream house!


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