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9 Things a Real Estate Agent Does For Home Buyers

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In order to buy a great home in Mississauga, you undoubtedly need to hire the best real estate agent in the GTA area. Your real estate agent will do the most difficult parts of the task for you; all you will need to do is choose the house you find most attractive. Thus, you only get to enjoy the final results of the home search! Most real estate companies offer similar services, the biggest difference is the quality of their work. Therefore, you must opt for an experienced, certified real estate agent in Mississauga that will find a good house for you. There are 9 things that every real estate agent does for home buyers. Whether you are a first-time buyer or not, you should expect your real estate agent to do the following things:

1. Pre-approval

Getting pre-approved means that the lender has approved and verified your employment, income, and credit run. Thus, you can have a clear image of how much money you can spend and if you are ready to buy the house of your dream. If there is any difficulties with the pre-approval, your real estate agent in Mississauga will have a conversation with you about that. During the pre-approval process, you will approximately (or precisely) determine your budget. Therefore, the list of houses you could buy will get shorter, making the purchase faster and easier.

2. Home Search

Your real estate agent should listen to you carefully and find you a house based on your budget, desires, preferences, and needs. You do not need a real estate agent that only drives you from one house to another and tells you the price. The best real estate agent in Mississauga will consider an ideal location, schools nearby, neighborhood and other factors and then suggest you the most convenient potential house for you.

3. Negotiations

The best real estate agent in the GTA will know the value of your future house as soon as they walk through it. Whether the price of the house is less or more than expected, your real estate agent should negotiate the final deal for you. With good negotiation skills of your real estate agent, you could purchase the house of your dreams for an amazing price! If you save the money you originally planned to spend on the house purchase, you could use it to buy furniture or decorate your new home.

4. Finding a home inspector

Home inspectors will tell you the exact condition of the house you are intending to buy. The best real estate agent in the GTA will find a professional home inspector for you. These two professionals, working together, will ensure you don’t get any unpleasant surprises after moving into your new house.

5. Home inspection attendance

Your real estate agent in Mississauga should attend the home inspection, along with your home inspector. Even the most experienced home inspectors could miss some detail during the inspection; that is why the presence of your real estate agent is important as well.

6. Repair and improvement negotiations

With a home inspection report, your real estate agent will know all the weak points of the house you are planning to buy. He/she can use these points to negotiate the final price of the house. The best real estate agent in Mississauga will use all the weaknesses in your advantage!

7. Communicating with agents and attorneys

Every step of the house purchase has to go through your real estate agent. Thus, he/she is the most informed person regarding all actions. Your real estate agent in Mississauga must communicate with the seller’s agent, as well as the buyer’s attorney through the whole home purchase process. That way, there will be no surprises and every party will know exactly where they stand.

8. Monitoring your loan commitment

After getting pre-approved, you must maintain your credit status that your real estate agent in the GTA should help you with that. The best real estate agent in Mississauga will monitor your mortgage commitment and prevent you from making any large purchases that could disturb your home purchase.

9. Staying until the finalization

Even when the negotiations seem to be closed and you are only one step away from taking the keys of your new house, things could still go wrong. If necessary, a real estate agent must provide additional support or advice. For that reason, your real estate agent in Mississauga should stay by your side until the very end.


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What a Real Estate Agent Does For a Seller?

What a Real Estate Agent Does For a Seller

Real estate companies offer excellent opportunities for unexperienced (and experienced!) house sellers. You may be underestimating the value of your home and that could make you lose a lot of money. The best real estate agent in Mississauga will highlight the advantages of your house while keeping a realistic price in mind. When you hire a real estate agent in the GTA area, you will get yourself a valuable partner. If that partner is not reliable or doesn’t do his/her work properly, the one that will lose the most is going to be you! For that reason, you must choose the best real estate agent in Mississauga to sell your home.

The first meeting with your real estate agent will determine all the crucial points of the sale. During the consultation, your real estate agent will learn about your goals, the price you are aiming to get for your house, as well as your other expectations. Furthermore, you will discuss the condition and other aspects of your house, which will lead to the next chapter of your partnership – house sale!

The following are the essential things that a professional real estate agent must do for a seller.

1. House Sale Preparation

In order to get the best price for your house, a good real estate agent in Mississauga will ensure there are no weak points of your home. Therefore, your real estate agent will inspect your house and recommend all the required repairs or upgrades. In addition, your real estate agent in the GTA will suggest the most convenient home inspector, decorator, handyman, and other professionals that you may need for the house improvement.

2. Home Staging

As a part of home staging, the best real estate agent in Mississauga will assist you in presenting your house in the best possible way. A positive first impression usually plays a crucial role in selling your house. If your potential buyers are impressed with the interior and exterior of your home, the deal will surely be sealed very soon! Your real estate agent can recommend the best staging company for you. These professionals can decorate your house quickly, in the best possible way. They can even bring new furniture only for the purpose of effective home staging.

3. Listing Photos

A professional photoshoot of your house is essential for a good sale. Some real estate companies in the GTA offer photoshoots as a part of their services, while others help you hire a professional photographer. Having high-quality photos of your house is a must. Many potential buyers do not even look at house listings without photos and 3D Walkthrough.

4. Determining a Price

Before listing the house on the market, your real estate agent in Mississauga will consult you about the definitive price determination. The real estate agent will do a comparative market analysis (CMA), which shows comparable houses nearby that were sold recently, pending, or are currently on the market. With the obtained information, your agent will know approximately how much money buyers are willing to pay for a house like yours. The best real estate agent in the GTA will surely have a history of comparative sold prices in your area. That way, he/she will know beforehand what sells in your neighbourhood!

5. Marketing Strategy

“For sale” sign in your yard, online listings, and flyers are only some of the ways your real estate agent in the GTA can use for the sale of your house. However, not all real estate companies have the same marketing plans. Your real estate agent will explain his/her marketing strategy to you in detail. After your approval, your real estate agent will start to spread the news about the sale of your house!

6. Close the Deal

After receiving the best offer for your house, your real estate agent in the GTA area will send the last alert to potential buyers who favorite or save your home on some of the online listings. Finally, you will approve the highest bidder and make the most important step towards the sale of your house! Your real estate agent will stay by your side until delivering the keys to the new homeowner. Thus, your real estate agent will help you with the paperwork and all the other aspects required to close the deal.


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How to Find the Best Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

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Although selling your home may initially seem like an easy task, it is far away from simple. Both sellers and buyers are expecting to go out of this process with more benefits. Whoever is more experienced and professional, will get the better end. You would be surprised to see the difference that a real estate agent in Mississauga can bring to you. Since, assumingly, you are not a real estate agent yourself, you do not have to worry now about learning how to sell your home under the most beneficial terms and for the best price. You may be selling a house for the first time in your life and you probably won’t be selling too many houses during your lifetime. However, real estate companies sell a dozen houses a year. Thus, these professionals are way more experienced and competent to sell your home than you are. Why wouldn’t you let the best real estate agent do his/her job then and you can enjoy all the benefits?


Finding Your Real Estate Agent in the GTA Area

When you decide to hire the best real estate agent in the GTA, it is time to find the most reputable real estate companies in the GTA! To start with your real estate agent search, you should first ask your friends and family if they have any professional to recommend. If they do, you can invite the real estate agent for an interview. If not, you should look for a real estate agent near me online and review several suggestions. Based on their rates, websites and overall online presence, you can call a few numbers and book meetings with real estate companies! Once you meet your potential real estate agent, keep in mind that his/her engagement, knowledge and experience will sell your home!

Important details that you should pay attention to:

1. Recommendations

A quality real estate agent in the GTA area will surely look carefully through your house and recommend a possible renovation, improvement or any other change that your house requires. The recommendations of your real estate agent are very important. With a minor upgrade, you could increase the price of your home in the GTA significantly. It is in the best interest of both, real estate companies and you to sell your home for a good price.

2. Engagement

The best real estate agent in Mississauga will listen to you carefully. They will ask you details about the house, your expected price, your plan and time to move out, all the assets included in the sale, among other information. You will notice that a professional real estate agent in the GTA will not talk constantly. Instead, he/she will want to know your requirements, desires, opinion and just anything that affects the sale of your house.

3. Qualifications

Real estate companies usually hire professional real estate agents to sell the houses of their clients. However, you can still ask for documented evidence of your real estate agent’s professionalism.

4. Questions

While interviewing your potential real estate agent in Mississauga, you should ask all the questions that you may have. Do not be too shy to ask! This is a unique situation that determines the sale of your house. You can ask your real estate agent about their price estimation for the house; the percentage they take from the house sale; their marketing plan for the house; estimated time of the sale, among other questions.

Mutual trust between the real estate agent and the seller is extremely important. There may be a real estate agent in the GTA that fulfills all your conditions but you just don’t trust them enough. You can feel comfortable with a different real estate agent immediately and you will stop searching for another real estate agent!

Selling your home profitably is convenient for both sides, the real estate agent and the seller. Thus, both of you should put maximum effort in your collaboration. Prepare for the interview with your potential real estate agent carefully. By choosing a good real estate agent in the GTA, you are instantly increasing the chances of a quick and profitable house sale!

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