In order to buy a great home in Mississauga, you undoubtedly need to hire the best real estate agent in the GTA area. Your real estate agent will do the most difficult parts of the task for you; all you will need to do is choose the house you find most attractive. Thus, you only get to enjoy the final results of the home search! Most real estate companies offer similar services, the biggest difference is the quality of their work. Therefore, you must opt for an experienced, certified real estate agent in Mississauga that will find a good house for you. There are 9 things that every real estate agent does for home buyers. Whether you are a first-time buyer or not, you should expect your real estate agent to do the following things:

1. Pre-approval

Getting pre-approved means that the lender has approved and verified your employment, income, and credit run. Thus, you can have a clear image of how much money you can spend and if you are ready to buy the house of your dream. If there is any difficulties with the pre-approval, your real estate agent in Mississauga will have a conversation with you about that. During the pre-approval process, you will approximately (or precisely) determine your budget. Therefore, the list of houses you could buy will get shorter, making the purchase faster and easier.

2. Home Search

Your real estate agent should listen to you carefully and find you a house based on your budget, desires, preferences, and needs. You do not need a real estate agent that only drives you from one house to another and tells you the price. The best real estate agent in Mississauga will consider an ideal location, schools nearby, neighborhood and other factors and then suggest you the most convenient potential house for you.

3. Negotiations

The best real estate agent in the GTA will know the value of your future house as soon as they walk through it. Whether the price of the house is less or more than expected, your real estate agent should negotiate the final deal for you. With good negotiation skills of your real estate agent, you could purchase the house of your dreams for an amazing price! If you save the money you originally planned to spend on the house purchase, you could use it to buy furniture or decorate your new home.

4. Finding a home inspector

Home inspectors will tell you the exact condition of the house you are intending to buy. The best real estate agent in the GTA will find a professional home inspector for you. These two professionals, working together, will ensure you don’t get any unpleasant surprises after moving into your new house.

5. Home inspection attendance

Your real estate agent in Mississauga should attend the home inspection, along with your home inspector. Even the most experienced home inspectors could miss some detail during the inspection; that is why the presence of your real estate agent is important as well.

6. Repair and improvement negotiations

With a home inspection report, your real estate agent will know all the weak points of the house you are planning to buy. He/she can use these points to negotiate the final price of the house. The best real estate agent in Mississauga will use all the weaknesses in your advantage!

7. Communicating with agents and attorneys

Every step of the house purchase has to go through your real estate agent. Thus, he/she is the most informed person regarding all actions. Your real estate agent in Mississauga must communicate with the seller’s agent, as well as the buyer’s attorney through the whole home purchase process. That way, there will be no surprises and every party will know exactly where they stand.

8. Monitoring your loan commitment

After getting pre-approved, you must maintain your credit status that your real estate agent in the GTA should help you with that. The best real estate agent in Mississauga will monitor your mortgage commitment and prevent you from making any large purchases that could disturb your home purchase.

9. Staying until the finalization

Even when the negotiations seem to be closed and you are only one step away from taking the keys of your new house, things could still go wrong. If necessary, a real estate agent must provide additional support or advice. For that reason, your real estate agent in Mississauga should stay by your side until the very end.
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